If you are an avid golfer, you know that the best golf clubs make or break a game. Golf clubs are the main equipment that golfers use, and their importance, both for amateurs and professionals, cannot be overemphasized.

If you are serious about golf, then you are always on the lookout for the best performing golf clubs in the market today.  Both reviewers and users usually rate clubs, and most tour professionals collaborate with top golfing brands to bring you the best performing clubs that will improve your game, make you better players, and bring your game to the next level.

Golf clubs made by top brands are usually expensive, and may not fit everyone’s budget.  However, the good news is that rockbottomgolf.com, one of the top discount golf retailers in the world, have some excellent clubs for you to choose from, all at unbelievably discounted prices.

Best Golf Clubs

Here are some top-rated golf clubs that are available at low prices:

Irons to Improve your Game
  • Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons
    One of the best features and key technologies of the Callaway Apex CF 16 is its 360 degree face cup.  This industry-leading technology boosts ball speeds for 3-irons through 7-irons. This precision-engineered face cup also gives you consistent ball speed. It features sole widths, notch weighting, and progressive offset with allows forgiveness and control for all the irons.  It has excellent playability which allows you to bend the ball to your will.  It also gives off the longest distance control with ample spin and stopping power. Because of advanced forging technologies, it gives off an incredibly soft feel from its material of 1025 mild carbon steel.
  • Cobra King F6 Irons
    The Cobra King F6 series comes in steel, graphite, and a combination of graphite and steel. Cobra King features its patented TECFLO construction that combines multiple construction technologies to make the ultimate progressive irons set.  The set uses various head styles – the hollow long irons, the half-hollow mid-irons, the cavity-back short irons, and one-piece wedges. Its TOP technology features an engineered aluminum cap that replaced the steel.  This frees up additional weight on the club, resulting in better launch conditions and improved ball flight.
  • Mizuno JPX-EZ
    This Mizuno set features steel, graphite, and forged iron versions. The 6-iron set combines design and function.  The Hot Metal face design not only looks good but also delivers maximum ball speeds and distance.  Mizuno added the metal boron which increases the strength of the head.  Its Harmonic Impact Technology and Power FrameTM Dual Pocket are state-of-the-art processes that deliver unmatched performance. Its accuracy and forgiveness earns top-notch reviews from its many users, and the sole is designed to widen your margin for error.
  • Nike Vapor Fly
    This seven iron set gives faster ball speeds with their FlyBeam reinforced chassis and Nexcor faces.  The long and mid irons have hollow cavities, which results in higher forgiveness, and the short irons are stable because of the advanced RZN pocket technology, which adds polymer.
  • TaylorMade M2
    The TaylorMade M2 series comes in irons graphite, irons steel, and a combination of graphite and steel. The M2 series is designed for distance, but is flexible enough to fit players who are seeking both distance and playability.  It has a 360 degree undercut, speed pocket, thin face with inverted cone technology, sound management system, and advanced sole design. Its strongest feature is accuracy and forgiveness.  The M2 is built for forgiveness and overcomes your swing flaws.
Fairway Woods to Improve Your Game
  • Golf Clubs

    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816
    This technologically advanced fairway wood has an adjustable hosel, a weight-saving composite crown, and three lofts to choose from – 14, 16, and 18.  This was specifically designed to aid you in being a better golf player.  It features a forged hyper speed face cup, a slightly larger head which results in more MOI, and 8-way adjustability.

  • Cobra King F6
    The Cobra King F6 features a moveable weight piece that allows you to adjust front or back CG weight position.  Speed Channel, an exclusive Cobra technology, allows the ball speeds to increase across the face.  There are 8 adjustable lofts to fine tune launch conditions. It comes in lofts 13, 17, and 21.
  • TaylorMade M1
    This is the first fairway wood of TaylorMade that has a carbon crown.  This gives optimal launch conditions and maximum speed.  Aside from the carbon composite crown, it also features a front track system, adjustable loft sleeve with twelve positions at 2 degrees per loft, and comes in lofts 15.5., 17, and 19.
  • Titleist 915F and 915Fd
    This fairway wood has a compact design and gives you stability and higher ball speed.  The patented SureFit Tour hosel gives you the option to select from 16 loft combinations.  The sole channels in this fairway wood are narrower, deeper and closer to the face.  This allows for better spin control.
  • Tour Edge Exotics EX9
    This fairway wood has a smaller head, and an adjustable hosel.  The cup face is made from beta titanium and it has a SlipStream sole.  Its patented Power Grid increases the spring-effect impact as you hit the ball.