Whether you are fresh out of school or shifting professions, finding the right job that fit your desired career path may be challenging. There are quite a few things that you would need to do to make this a successful process.



It is going to be a trying experience, so you would need to find ways to get and stay motivated. Research the career you are interested in to prepare yourself. This will help you set proper expectations as it’s quite common to sometimes just focus on the glamorous parts of the job.


This can be easier to manage if you find yourself a mentor to help you work on achieving your goal. Keep in mind that this is a major life decision so you need to be fully committed.

Skill Enhancement


Some of the skills you will need are probably new to you as these were not part of your previous job. Or if you’ve just finished school, you might know just the basics which may not be enough.

Skill Enhancement
To improve your chances of getting hired, it would be beneficial to work on enhancing the necessary skills. You can do this by enrolling in classes or learning online. There are a lot of resources available to improve yourself to become competent in the industry you wish to succeed in.

For example, if you want to become a writer then you may want to start working on your writing skills. You can start by reviewing the basics like grammar rules and vocabulary. Reading is also a great way to improve as this will give you an insight on different writing styles.

Your desire and passion to succeed will need to be backed up by hard work. Enhancing your skills is certainly a step in the right

Create a Network


This is a great advice to follow when you’re looking at shifting or starting a new career. If you build on your contacts then you increase your visibility in the industry of your choice. You can do this through professional social media platforms or by becoming a member in relevant and reputable organizations.

Create a Network

Being skilled and passionate will not be enough if people and companies don’t know anything about you. Just like businesses looking to increase profit, you would need to promote yourself actively online as well.

Job Hunting


All the preparation will not be worth much if you don’t look for a job to get you started. You may need to start at the bottom of the food chain with responsibilities that will seem menial but will train you to become better at the career you chose.

Job Hunting

When searching for work, keep in mind that recruiters will be using different factors when considering you for the position.


– A well written resume should be short and concise. Include only relevant experiences. If you are applying for a writing job, include responsibilities at your previous work that involved writing. In addition, make sure to mention any training or seminars you attended that are related to the job. If you have attended an article writing workshop, putting it in your resume will help give you a leg up.

Cover Letters

– With today’s technology, you can apply for you dream job online. Unfortunately, countless others will also be doing the same thing. The challenge is how to get noticed.

A comprehensive but brief cover letter is a great way to catch the attention of the recruitment manager. Here are some tips on how to create an effective cover letter.

• Avoid generic salutations. This creates the impression that they are simply one of the companies you are considering and have applied to work at. Researching the name of the recruitment manager and including it in your cover letter will show that you are serious about working with them.

• Introduce yourself properly. Keep in mind that you are writing a letter to showcase your qualifications. It is not necessary to include personal information such as your age and marital status. If you’re not sure what to include, look at the job requirements and use that as a guide. If the job requires someone who has excellent presentation skills, mention tasks that you have done in the past that show you have this skill. If you were in charge of presenting quarterly business reviews to stakeholders, then you certainly need to include that.


– Make sure to come prepared for an interview. Bring all relevant documents that may be needed such as recommendation letters and portfolios. This is your chance to impress your prospective employer so you need to be ready.


Starting on a new career path is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is never easy. However, you’ll see that all the effort will be worth it when you succeed.